Ethernet over copper EoC connection chandigarh

We also help you to connect with Ethernet connection services in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula, Mohali & Kharar.  EoC (Ethernet over copper) services are delivered over our high-performance, carrier-grade network to give you reliable & fast connectivity for your office or home. If you are buying 15 Mbps connection of Ethernet EoC service,  you will see that no company is offering such low rental plans. Even We ourselves are not offering such cheap broadband tariffs in our other FTTH & DSL connections. We offer flexible Ethernet broadband options based on your business or home needs, all while allowing you to aggregate your services to a single monitored port.

Why to choose Ethernet over Copper for chandigarh area ?

Ethernet over Copper is the most practical option for connecting to the Internet broadband network. It’s fast, symmetrical and easy to upgrade. Ethernet over Copper can be bonded and therefore provides a reliable, built in redundancy for ultimate business continuity. Ethernet over Copper offers you: Higher bandwidth speed than Symmetrical upload speed and download speeds unlike ADSL. Eoc has lower monthly costs than Fibre & DSL broadband service. Here you can see all latest EoC Plans and other concerned details for Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula. Connecting EoC Ethernet connection & offering high internet speed in low rental prices. When running an internet line for your home or office, you will find that you have various internet connectivity options for wiring, all of which have some special advantages. You have to choose your preferred network, which fits in your budget and your requirements. EoC (Ethernet over Copper) is cheap and best broadband service for people of chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula areas. In future connecting Ethernet service (EoC) may cover some areas of Zirakpur, Derabassi & Kharar. Currently we suggest you Ethernet EoC connection service in limited areas of tricity Chd. Here Below are described all EoC Plans from Connect broadband services. 

Connect EoC plans Ethernet Over Copper  for Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula
Rent Offered Bandwidth / Speed Plan
499  You will get 15 Mbps speed till 40 GB data & after this unlimited usage at 5 Mbps Unlimited EoC
599  You will get 15 Mbps speed till 60 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited EoC
699 You will get 15 Mbps speed till 80 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited
Unlimited EoC
799 You will get 15 Mbps speed till 125 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited EoC
999 You will get 15 Mbps speed till 250 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited EoC
1199 You will get 15 Mbps speed till unlimited data usage  Unlimited EoC
1799 You will get 15 Mbps speed till 60 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited EoC
2499 You will get 15 Mbps speed till 60 GB & after this 5 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited EoC

Ethernet over copper (EoC) is hassle-free & mature technology for faster internet access, as compared to other internet techniques. Get your Ethernet EoC connection at chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali city and enjoy 10 Mbps bandwidth in low cost monthly rentals. Superior Copper cables never lets down internet speed of your Ethernet connection. So to apply new EoC connection service here or consult us on our provided contact numbers. Get fast Ethernet connection, in same prices of DSL broadband. Enjoy unlimited access to internet at 1 Mbps, even after crossing FUP data limit. Enhance your surfing and downloading experience with 10 Mbps bandwidth capacity. Connect to EoC broadband ethernet connection service in chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar & Zirakpur. Apply online to book a new connection for home or business. At this platform, you can see all latest EoC tariffs to compare its rental & speed with other internet technologies.

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