Connect broadband services at chandigarh – Tariffs list

Connecting broadband in chandigarh : We offer you broadband connectivity solutions high speed Internet service with speeds as fast as 50 Mbps at chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and at other cities of Punjab. Now Internet users can play online games, stream, surf, listen songs on ultra fast internet without any buffering. Stay Connected to a broadband, which offers you wired & wireless internet connectivity to operate multiple devices through powerful wifi equipment. Fiber-optic FTTH network is best channel to get uninterrupted broadband speed up to 100 Mbps. Connecting broadband through reliable network delivers seamless net connectivity at chandigarh, mohali & Panchkula,, through a blazing fast, secured broadband connection. Shop Internet Plans at affordable prices- Compare today’s packages, rates and monthly rentals with other Internet service providers at chandigarh tricity and remote towns like zirakpur, Kharar, derabassi. See here unlimited Broadband connection plans. Stay up to date. Compare tariffs with other ISP companies. Check 5 top selling broadband plans for connecting internet at chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar and Zirakpur. See which one pack is best for your home and business, accordingly to your data, speed requirement & your budget. Check your nearest booking point for new broadband connection details – ✔ Sec 22, Chandigarh, ✔ Sector 35 Chd. ✔ Sec 47 Chandigarh ✔ Sector 70 mohali ✔ Phase 11 Mohali ✔ Phase-7, S. A. S. Nagar Mohali ✔ Sec 11 Panchkula ✔ Sector 9 Panchkula. ✔ Baltana & vip road Zirakpur ❒ Get connected with latest technology and fastest internet equipment – Book online here for connecting broadband connection. Consult us on through phone call or apply online easily here. Share your important reviews, suggestions, creative ideas & inquiries here – Please post your comments here below in comment box.

Get best Ideas to connect a broadband connection at chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali, zirakpur or Kharar. Assess hassle-free broadband connectivity at genuine rental plans. Here you can book your new broadband connection online !  It is designed to give Chandigarh residents, a solid idea about taking full advantage of the available broadband connectivity networks. Know about upcoming new online rollouts, which are actually sparking excitement in internet users across the areas of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Kharar, zirakpur & Mohali. Internet service provider companies are looking forward for upcoming future demands of advanced customers. It sounds like a helpful activity towards accessing ultra fast broadband connectivity that ISP companies are putting strong efforts to serve maximum speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Connect broadband unlimited plans  
Rent  Bandwidth / Speed  Free calling 
699 ➜   4 / 8 Mbps till 35 GB data & after this 1 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
799 ➜   4 / 8 Mbps till 50 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
999 ➜  4 / 8 Mbps till 75 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
1299 ➜  4 / 8 Mbps speed till 125 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
1499 ➜   4 / 8 Mbps till 150 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited   Unlimited L+N
1799 ➜   4 / 8 Mbps till 200 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited   Unlimited L+N
1999 ➜  4 / 8 Mbps till 250 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
2499  4 / 8 Mbps till 300 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
2999 ➜  4 / 8 Mbps till 500 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
3999 ➜   4 / 8 Mbps till 1000 GB data & after this 2 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N

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